Rules & Terms

1. Videos will be judged on the following critera: 
- Adequately shows the true reality of living a manufactured home community. 
- Video addresses the stigma in a creative, engaging way. 
- No profanities. 
2. Videos must be 30 seconds to a minute, or one to three minutes, depending on the contest you enter. 
3. Filmmakers can enter both contest as many times as they want. However, you will not be eligible to win more than once for a given contest (i.e. you can't be chosen for both first and second place in the same contest). 
4. Winners will be notified and announced on May 6, 2019. Winners will be interviewed for a promotional/news story by festival organizers. 
5. By submitting to either contest, you are agreeing to let your video be used for future marketing purposes. Videos will also be shown at a live screening after the winners are announced. However, you will continue to own the rights to the video and will be credited in all future use. 
6. All copyright issues regarding the screened films reside with the films rights owners. Should any legal issues arise as the result of a submission, those are the responsibility of the filmmaker. 
7. Any videos not in English will need to have English subtitles. 
8. Contestants can contact the festival organizers for suggestions of people to speak.